Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Many Faces of Isreal

                 Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire
            Thursday 1st March at 8.00 pm

From Israel: Adam Briscoe, Hadas Josef, Raneen Khoury
From Ireland: Diane Hennessy
Get to know the Many faces of Israel

Adam Briscoe, whose grandparents live in Dublin,  is leading a group of Israelis to Ireland

This Many faces of Israel Project will show how Israel comprises many diverse cultures and nationalities.  It debunks totally the myth of Israel being an apartheid state.   

Diane, a member of ICFI, has lived for over 3 years in Israel.  She is married to Liam and is a special needs teacher in Tallaght. She and Liam are leading their 3rd trip to Israel in Oct. Bert Van Embden will lead our worship/singing.

RSVP: Jews and Christians are ALL welcome – Please email your name and church (if Christian) to or write to PO Box 9234 Dun Laoghaire.


  1. On no! Now we have 'Christian Zionists' in this country?! Ugh.. how disgusting! As if we didn't have enough problems as it is..

  2. These Israelis shouild be challenged. In the West Bank there are roads solely for the use of Jews from which local Christians and Muslims are barred. A local Christian is barred from buying a house in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

  3. and what would you challenge the Palestinians on?

  4. What would you challenge the Palestinians on Fr Burke?

    1. Where to begin. the forced conversions of Christians in the Gaza Strip. The silent persecution of Christian in Bethlehem. Forcing Christians to sell their land to Muslims in the Palestinian state.

    2. You would be absolutely right to challenge the Palestinians on these acts. Now what would challenge the Israeli's on?

    3. The non compliance with the fundamental document between the Holy See and the state of Israel. The difficulties for Christians going from the Palestinian areas to Israel. The lack of promised visas for clergy.
      The picture of the Venerable Pope Pius XII at the Yad Vashem. The allowing of new towns by Jewish the future of such towns are in doubt. settlers when

  5. "Jews and Christians are ALL welcome" wow... I love the capitalised "ALL"... Very inclusive from the get go there, definitely no people around who subscribe to any other beliefs.

    Israel is an apartheid state which systematically denies basic human rights to a large section of the population on the basis of religion and ethnicity. When you oppress an entire section of society so brutally you cannot expect to be treated as anything but a rouge state. Those who would expect us to condemn Palestinian resistance to occupation in the face of the most barbaric oppression visited on them every single day are deluded. The Israeli state systematically uses military force against the Palestinian people(including regular airstrikes), withholds money from the Palestinian authorities whenever they don't toe the line and maintains a blockade of Gaza which inflicts severe suffering on the entire population.

    There are not always two equal and valid sides to an argument. There is a clear aggressor and villain in the case of Israel. Anyone with even the most modest sense of justice or fairness must see the Israeli state for the apartheid entity it is.

    1. Glad you got that off your chest! Nice to see there are people who still believe the world is full of baddies and goodies makes life so easy.
      Now why would people need to use air strikes and military power?
      And those nice leaders of Gaza, when was the last free and transparent election in Gaza?
      I am always amazed how the regime in Gaza has no problem with getting supplies of Weapons but does have a problem getting the basic foods and medicines. Sound to me they need to change their priorities.

  6. The last free and transparenet election in Gaza was when Hamas was elected democratically - something Gabriel clearly has a problem with. Is fascism a pre-requisite to join your group? You do understand the concepts of international law and war crimes don't you? Israel is in breach of the former and has committed multiple instances of the latter, including murdering over 1,400 people, hundreds of them children in just 22 days in 2008/09 in Gaza.

    Some reality here, why is Gabriel Burke not exercised about the actual persecution of Palestinian Christians by apartheid Israel, rather than by the imagined one he likes to talk about? Also, you can't spell Israel - that's telling.

    “We exist and we live here,” reads the large sheet draped between two olive trees at the Cremisan Monastery near Bethlehem. Children waving Palestinian flags run among the trees while four priests deliver a mass. Here, for three Fridays in a row, Palestinian Christians and Muslims have gathered for a mass in protest of the separation wall being built between the community of Beit Jala and the Catholic monastery.

    Palestine Church Leaders visit Trócaire (Nov 2010)

  7. Those elections were far from free and transparent. And the fact that Hamas then pushed the PLO opposition from Gaza makes your comments all the more foolish.
    "Is fascism a pre-requisite to join your group?" I don't have a group. that is presumption on your part. I am not a member of the CFI, never have been. I simply posted an invitation sent by them. Unlike you I actually believe in free speech.
    There are a lot more presumptions on your part. Who says I am not exercised by Christian being unjustly treated by Israel.
    Why do you think the Christian persecution by Palestinians is imagined? Are you so blinded by your prejudice that you can see no fault in the Palestinian side.

    The fact that you think a priest delivers a Mass shows you haven't a clue what you are talking about. And since you correct peoples spelling learn to spell Mass , a capital M.

    I do not take sides on the Israel Palestinian debate. I am simply giving an opportunity to a side not often heard in Ireland. Having lived in Ireland all my life I have seen how name calling dehumanises people and puts fuel onto the fire. If people play the blame game nothing will be moved forward. We endure in Ireland 40 years of fighting. Nothing was gained by people totalling how many were killed by this side or that. Peace only came about when people sat down and talked. When others learned about the other side. Dialogue is needed in the Middle east.

  8. Too many people here want to shut out discussion. Whatever happened to inclusivity, dialogue and parity of esteem? I welcome these young Israelis to Ireland not because I agree with everything Israel does, but because their voices need to be heard, listened and responded to as much as anybody else's